The Adrenaline Vault had een exclusief interview met twee van de makers Independence War 2.

Ook staan er wat nieuwe screenshots op de site.Slated for release in winter 2000, Independence War 2: The Edge of Chaos promises to focus on the logistics and mechanics of a space combat simulator while incorporating action and adventure elements through its plot and characters. One hundred years following the original game, a new government is formed promising freedom, fairness and an economic boom. Millions of colonists settle the new frontier, populating the dangerous Badlands on the edge of charted space. Following some bad investments on the part of the new alliance, crucial jump-accelerators are sold to the corporations, allowing them to charge large sums for passage and leaving those in the outer clusters at the mercy of the corporations. What did Particle learn coming out of Independence War that will be applied to the sequel? We received hundreds of e-mails from fans around the world; most were positive, but a few were negative. This helped us direct our efforts to improving the game. The most painful lesson was that a lot of people who should have relished the game did not. These people gave up about an hour in because the initial demands were too tough. So one of our critical requirements is to produce a less intimidating interface without dumbing down the content. Will the sequel contain the same degree of storytelling and character development? Very much so. We see our games as genuine science fiction stories rather than just Top Gun in space. Our goal is to reward people with an intelligent and surprising plot as well as loads of space combat action. The original's graphics were top notch and had all the latest buzzwords before they became buzzwords. Will there be a new graphics engine for the sequel? Independence War 2 gets a whole new engine called Flux. Flux was developed in-house to leverage the newest technologies. We could converse for hours about the merits of all the different graphics engines out there, but there is a simple way to judge our engine: the image quality. Our real-time screenshots are comparable to other people's high resolution renders. Je kan het volledige interview hier lezen