Veel mensen zullen het spel Incoming nog kennen. Het werd geloof ik standaard bij alle videokaarten geleverd . Het was zo'n succes dat er een vervolg aan komt. Wat we allemaal mogen verwachten zocht GA-Strategy voor ons uit.First of all, give us a brief overview of Incoming Forces' plot and background story.

Set 20 years after the first Incoming game, Earth has now discovered the secret of sustainable long distance space travel. Their forces are gathered and seeking to destroy all hostile races - in particular four alien planets in a small galaxy that is now the player's job to defend.

How different will Incoming Forces be from Incoming? How much of the original game is incorporated in this lastest version?

It is definitely different from the first game but anyone how has played the first game will see little pockets of history.

The player will now have complete freedom to produce weapons/craft, issue orders to all friendly units, transfer into any unit that want, configure their

own weapon systems and play the game in any order they want. So not only would I say the game was different I would also say it's matured and evolved. Incoming Forces coming your way