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Helaas voor de mensen die graag guilds wilden in Diablo 2, het gaat niet door . Het komt in geen enkele versie. In a move that may not sit well with some fans, Blizzard has decided not to include Guilds in either the beta version, or retail version of Diablo II (thanks DiabloII.net). They are, however, looking into ways of adding them after the game ships. Here's the official statement:

We recently made a decision that we believe we need to share with you prior to the beta beginning. Guilds will not be in the Beta, nor in the final shipping version of Diablo II. During development it became clear that making Guilds bulletproof, balanced, and completely secure would delay shipping Diablo II. Fundamental, major changes to the Diablo II/battle.net client/server architecture would be required. Testing and all-important balancing would make our fans wait even longer. In the interests of getting the game to our fans -- we had to decide to drop Guilds. Rest assured that we are exploring ways of adding Guilds after Diablo II ships.

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