3DActionplanet heeft een First Look gedaan van In Cold Blood. In het spel speel je een geheim agent (nee, niet Bond, James Bond) en moet een soort kruising worden tussen Metal Gear Solid en Bladerunner.Two men. One is an experienced government agent. An expert in espionage, a trained killer, a registered lethal weapon with a license to kill. The other is an enigma, a man on the edge of sanity. Bound, caught, and cut off from reality. Both men might be John Cord, betrayed and abandonded, he can't remember the truth. He's searching his memory for clues. Two identies. Infinite possibilities. No certainties. Sounds great, doesn't it? Ubi Soft Entertainment has teamed up with Revolution Software, the developers of the acclaimed Broken Sword series, creating an espionage thriller with the production values of a Hollywood blockbuster movie. This sneak 'em up conveys a futuristic tale of espionage and betrayal through the heroic, but troubled John Cord Je kan hier verder lezen.