Federation HQ heeft deel 2 van haar interview over Imperium Galactica 2 op het lijntje gegooid!

Lees hem hier, oja.. deel 1 vind je hier.Federation HQ: Is the universe represented on a 2D plane or as threedimensional?

Steve: A bit of both. All the planets are locked onto one ecliptic plane. This is for ease of navigation as if the universe had "depth" finding your way around would be very confusing. However, you can tilt the view and through the Y axis to create a more oblique viewpoint as well as rotating and zooming in and out.

Federation HQ: With only 3 races in the game and one of them unable to use diplomacy, diplomacy appears to be a bilateral affair. Is it still important in the game?

Steve: There are 8 races in the game with which you can have diplomatic relations, not 3. You can only play three of the races yourself (in campaign games). Diplomacy is very useful and important as it allows you to aquire specific items, especially if you are playing as the Shinari.