Datapipe Software heeft het spel Impact aangekondigd voor eind november. Het wordt een 3D first-person strategy spel dat zich in de toekomst afspeelt in een grote chaos op aarde.Datapipe Software has announced Impact. Set to hit shelves in late November, Impact will be the cornerstone in the launch of a series of development products from Datapipe. Impact is a 3D first-person strategy game set on a futuristic Earth. Chaos and war have come upon the world as all major factions have tried global and nuclear domination to no avail. The future of war has shifted to advanced machinery and careful strategic planning. The game features a full 3D world environment with never seen before technology advanced weapons. The gaming engine for Impact is being developed in-house and will be focusing on not only single-player action but also multi-player capacity. Impact is currently under development in Wilmington, Delaware. Datapipe Software will announce the publisher for Impact in the upcoming weeks. Datapipe Software is a new developing firm based in Wilmington, Delaware. Datapipe currently develops games for the PC platform, with future console considerations being taken.De officiele site van Datapipe Software is hier te vinden.