Naast Combat Flight Simulator 2 van Microsoft komen er niet gek veel nieuwe combatsims uit. Blue Byte is echter hard bezig met hun nieuwste sim Il-2 Sturmovik.

CDMag (ze zijn vandaag inderdaad hard bezig ) plaatste een aantal screens online.The most massively produced aircraft by any side during the war (over 36,000 were built), the Sturmovik was renowned as an excellent close support attack aircraft (think a WWII version of a modern A-10). Promising excellent flight dynamics, scaleable levels of difficulty, beautiful models (personalize your paint schemes and nose art) and terrain graphics, and challenging campaigns and missions, Il-2 Sturmovik looks to be a revolutionary flight sim that covers an area of WWII long overlooked by game developers. It's due out in the first quarter of 2001. Here are some of the latest screen shots, courtesy of Blue Byte Software.