Op Ga-Source hebben ze wat informatie en een screenshot van ID4 Online, een multiplayer space-shooter gemaakt door Centropolis Interactive.Based on the movie Independence Day, ID4 Online allows players to assume the role of either the Aliens bent on destroying humankind, or the humans, who are struggling to drive the Alien menance from the solar system once and for all. "Independence Day Online is a fully 3D match-based spaceship combat game," Firor explains. "It takes place in the universe of the Independence Day movie, although it is set a few years after the movie takes place. At this time, the Aliens have returned to take over Earth, but have found that the humans have taken their technology and have enhanced their technology to create space combat ships. The game involves players piloting Alien and Human ships against one another against a backdrop of our solar system." Unlike most space combat simulations, players won't need to read a 100 page manual in order to fly their ships. Nor will have to play tutorial missions after tutorial missions just to advance to the combat stages. "The game is designed to be as fun and simple as possible, allowing the player to jump right in and be able to play," explains Firor. ID4 Online features clear and straight forward missions that promise lots of action and teamwork. "The objective of the game is to essentially wipe out the forces of the opposing team," Firor says. "In a match, this means taking out all enemy ships." Currently there are two basic match types at this time, with the promise of more to be added later: a team-kill where the first team that kills a certain amount of enemies wins, and an escort mission where you must protect a transport ship that is piloting from point to point in the game. "In the long run, players are trying to earn rank points to go up in rank," he says, adding, "With rank comes the ability to acquire better ships, weapons, shields, and other ship parts."

Lees hier verder. Mensen die niet willen wachten totdat het spel in de winkel ligt kunnen zich inschrijven voor een beta test.