De Quake serie is al jarenlang de onbetwiste nummer één in het deathmatch gedeelte voor de egotrippers onders ons. Team Play kwam nog nooit echt aan de orde in de ingebouwde game opties, oke er zaten wel multiplayer varianten in, maar verder dan Capture the Flag en Team Deathmatch kwam het toch haast niet.

Een tijdje geleden heeft Id Software hier verandering in gebracht door Quake3:Team Arena op de markt te brengen, vandaag hebben ze wat extra maps voor de game in elkaar gezet en deze op een webserver gegooid.Japanese Castles TA, by Mike “g1zm0” Burbidge (japanc_ta.bsp)

Features the two Japanese fortresses from g1zm0's original Japanese Castles CTF map, along with caves, bridges and roaring waterfalls. This is a fast, exciting map with a lot of intersecting action.

Schadenfreude TA, by Jason “Cornelius” Gill (schad_ta.bsp)

When we contacted him, Cornelius was already in the process of upgrading the appearance and play of the original Schadenfreude, one of the first community made CTF maps for Quake III Arena. We made a few suggestions for improvements as to how the game might be made to best play Team Arena game types and he turned them into a shiny gemstone of a map.

Crossed Paths v.TA, by Dan “Drunken Boxer” Lanicek (dbox2_ta.bsp)

Drunken Boxer had already made some changes to his original version of Crossed Paths, making it even more competitive. We helped him set it up for Team Arena play and pointed out a few things he could do to smooth out some of the rough spots.

An Iteration of TA Hell, by John “HAL9000” Schuch (hal9000_ta.bsp)

The Team Arena remake of this map is our token “really, really, quite very large” map in this pack. We helped HAL9000 find and fix a few sticky spots in the map, and showed him ways to improve the in-game performance, but structurally, this map is probably the closest to the original.De map pack die zo'n 16 MB weegt is onder andere hier op te halen.