Voodoo Extreme heeft een review van de nieuwe RPG Icewind Dale geschreven. Het spel krijgt een score van 82% en volgens de schrijver zijn Baldur's Gate en Planescape Torment beter maar is het een leuk tussendoortje totdat Baldur's Gate II komt.To anyone who's played Baldurs Gate, Icewind Dale seems to be more of a module than an entirely new game. Using a similar game engine, rules system, interface and art style, Icewind Dale is an action oriented prequel adventure based loosely on the works of R.A. Salvador's "The Icewind Dale Trilogy". Set well before the epic adventures of the anti-hero Dark Elf Drizzt's ascension from the Underdark, the story of Icewind Dale: The Computer Game differs greatly from the novels, and could be construed as misleading to many fans expecting to play the adventures depicted in the books.

The adventure begins in the small mountain town of Easthaven where you're hired on to assist a neighboring community fight off an unknown evil which plaques it. Things go awry however (don't they always?) and the large party of assembled adventurers is cut down from an avalanche to just your small band of heroes who then must go on alone, to the very Spine of the World to challenge the evil which awaits. Through the icy mountain passes down into the depths of the Underdark; make no mistake - Icewind Dale is a true dungeon crawl adventure.

Voor meer informatie kun je kijken op de site van de makers, Black Isle, of bij de uitgever, Interplay, kijken.