Leuk klein interviewtje van Voodoo eXtreme met Chris Parker en Josh Sawyer.

How much involvement has WOTC had on the development of Icewind? and has anything had to be changed because of them? WotC reviews our story and design documents... but primarily from a 'consistency of world' standpoint. They just want to make sure that we don't nuke something in one of their favorite regions... They approve our general storyline and character involvement, but they haven't been super hardcore in their overseer role. I would like to note that RA Salvatore was part of the approval process as well, since we don't want to mess up anything he is planning for the future in his books. BG did a great job of getting the player into the storyline and having motivations for doing the quests... has a lot of attention been given to making sure there are proper motivations? Yes. At the *very* least, survival is a great motivation... There are other motivations for different classes and alignments. We're trying to make it a little special for different characters. We understand that players want to feel like their characters have a reason to go on the adventure, and we're keeping that in mind. BG did a lousy job with the alignment system. Has IWD made any improvements on what alignment affects in the game? We're still struggling with that. It can be difficult at times, but we're making sure that dialogue options often reflect alignment, among other things. The alignment system isn't being changed greatly. We are trying to make more use of it in the various dialogue options. I hear that Tom French and Steven Bokkes are drinking buddies. Has their drinking affected the progress of the game? And will the usual 4th of July celebration be on at Steve's again this year? Hey Moltar... yes, yes, and yes. You big gallut. Will the music in Icewind Dale be far different from what was in BG? I get the feeling that Icewind is a much darker game, will the music change to match? The music is going to be darker and have more of an edge to it than the BG music did. However, it will still be of the epic/classical Conan type that was used in BG. Our music is, once again, in technical terms, "rad". It sounds a bit darker, from what I have heard. It's really good. Zijn gamers in NL nou grotere of minder grote drinkers?