Op de Interplay FTP hebben ze een nieuwe patch (ftp://ftp.interplay.com/pub/patches/IWDPatch105.exe) voor Icewind Dale. De patch brengt je spel naar versie 1.05 en is 3,2 MB groot. Voordat je de patch download/gebruikt is het wel handig om even de instructions (ftp://ftp.interplay.com/pub/misc/patch105.txt) te lezen.

VERSION 1.05 The following details the list of fixes made and included in this patch. ITEMS - Removed a bad item from random treasure available in Dragon's Eye. - Fixed THAC0 reduction effect on the Amulet of Corellon Larethian. - Fixed magic resistance effect on the Shadowed Robe. - Fixed a problem with Nym not giving a dagger to the party. - Fixed an alignment problem with the +4 Life Defender. - Fixed a problem with spells being removed when unequipping the Sanctified Warhammer. - The various badges will now not decay when dropped. - Lonesome Road and other CON-raising items will no longer give a healing side effect when unequipped and then re-equipped. GENERAL - Cheats have been readded to the game. - Fixed the Ettins that don't respond in Dorn's Deep when attacked. - Fixed some display problems during the final conflict and end game. - Fixed a potential crash when killing Frost Giants. - Potential fix for a rare problem with small, unpassable areas left when monsters are killed. - Fix for doors not appearing the same on different machines during multiplayer games. - Greatly improved framerate of static steam animations. - Adjusted location of Yxunomei when leaving the level, resting, and coming back. - The shadow in Lysan's area will no longer lock the party in a cutscene mode. The shadow previously could have trouble pathing to the party. - On some systems, selecting the "Female Fighter I" sound set would not play the sounds in the game. This has been corrected. - Modification made to rest code for fatigue. - Synchronized clock between saved games and current game time. DIALOGUES - Fixed captive villagers "attacking" the party in Dragon's Eye. - Fixed a blank dialog node with Mother Eugenia. - Fixed a problem with the Undead Lieutenant in Dragon's Eye locking the party in cutscene mode. - Fixed Orrick the Gray's dialog problem when returning the Book of Mythal Theory. - Fixed a problem with a quest related to Kerish. - Fixed a minor problem with Therik's dialog. RULES - Fixed an incorrect defense adjustment given in very low Dexterity scores. - Fixed a bug in the Cleric XP table that would make them level 10 at 250,000 xp. SPELLS - Fixed a potential swap on the icon for Emotion: Hopelessness. - Fixed problem with priest spell Cloak of Fear: In some cases, it would not go away after death. - Fixed problem with wizard spell Identify: Conjurers were not able to memorize or write the spell. - Fixed a problem when casting Raise Dead on creatures that aren't dead, or on undead that cannot be raised. - Fixed a potential crash bug with Purge Invisibility. - Bards with the Identify spell memorized can now use it to identify items in the GUI. - Creatures killed within the effect of Death Fog now yield experience points.