Bij Interplay hebben ze een FAQ voor hun nieuwe RPG "Icewind Dale" gemaakt. Er staan allerlei dingen tussen, van "Wat is Icewind Dale?" tot "Komt er een demo voor de final release?"Q: What is Icewind Dale? A: Icewind Dale is a single, or multiplayer, role-playing game set in Wizard of the Coast's granddaddy of all fantasy game worlds, the Forgotten Realms. Icewind Dale focuses more on classic dungeon adventuring than on an overland quest. The focus in Icewind Dale is on the party rather than a sole hero. Q: Who is developing/publishing Icewind Dale? A: Icewind Dale is being developed and published by Black Isle Studios, a division of Interplay Entertainment Corp. The Icewind Dale team consists of the core team from Black Isle Studios' award winning Fallout 2 role-playing game and members from the RPG of the Year 1999, Planescape:Torment, team. Q: What engine is Icewind Dale using? A: We're using a modified form of the BioWare Infinity Engine, the same game engine that was used to create Baldur's Gate and Planescape: Torment. Lees de rest hier