De Icewind website is geupdate met enkele screenshots en een update over de onwikkeling van het spel.It has been a few weeks since our last update, and so much has changed and been put into the game. We are giving builds to our QA department on a regular basis now, we have got some guys cranking out bugs and giving us feedback, and the development team is literally pouring in content on a nightly basis. We have also received our first batches of new sound effects and are anxiously anticipating the music. We are hoping to release some stuff such as MP3s soon. Programming-wise, we have finished up all the implementation of our spells and are fixing bugs as they come up. We are also working hard on the scripts for all the monsters and people, and have put in a bunch of new features, big and small. One of them, although not that big of a deal, is nice to have: wheelie mouse support. We are looking good and are still on track for early summer!