3dGaming heeft een sarcastische guide geschreven over hoe je een Game site moet beginnen en wat het inhoud. Glamour, Glitter and Guilders.......oke word maar weer wakker 2) When you first start a gaming site or even a network of gaming sites, be prepared to one day branch out. IGN used to be the "Imagine Games Network," and the web pages on their network actually had something to do with games. That works for a while, but once you begin to really make money, shed that nerdy gaming image and replace it with what your readers really want! Lose the long and boring network name and instead just use random capitalized letters that, when combined, hold no meaning whatsoever. After that, you should start posting pictures of Lara Croft and talk about masturbation. If you're ever lucky enough to score an interview with a Lara Croft model, make sure that she is seventeen years old, and then exploit her image to your horny adult male readers by shamelessly displaying lewd pictures of her nipples protruding from a tight rubber suit. Oh, and don't forget to ask about her "boobs and bum," because that's all gamers really care about. We are all so horny that we're willing to disregard anything relevant about a model in favor of talk about her boobs and bum. Hard work and no play Hoe maak ik een Game site