FiringSquad heeft een preview online gemikt van Hostile Waters, een gevarieerde game die elementen samenvoegt van actiegames en RTS games.The action part of the game is fairly straightforward. It all takes place in a third person environment, with you being able to control any of the vehicles that are built. The strategy part of the game is a little less obvious. You get to build vehicles, but there isn't base management like in conventional RTS games. Resources consist of deploying an overrated trash compactor to collect scrap. All that really leaves you with is battle planning; arranging your units the best way possible. Choosing which character mans what vehicle or deciding what vehicles you need and when. Verder weet FS ons nog te vertellen dat de betarelease goed speelbaar was, en dat het spel er goed uitzag in 1024x768 op een GeForce 2. Klik voor de complete preview hier.