Het nieuwe strategiespel van Shrapnel Games (what's in a name ), Horse&Musket: Great Battles of the Eighteenth Century, is gold gagaan, en word nu dus druk geproduceerd.Shrapnel Games announced today that their strategy title, Horse & Musket: Great Battles of the Eighteenth Century, is being readied for duplication & printing. In a partnership with game designer David R. Erickson, Shrapnel Games has completed their first game offering since starting operations in August. Horse and Musket goes Gold today and will be available for mail order shipments starting in late January 2000 for $39.95. The demo for the sequel is now available at Shrapnel Games' website at http://www.shrapnelgames.com. Horse and Musket will include more than twenty scenarios covering many of the great battles of the Eighteenth Century. Nationalities included are Prussia, Russia, England, France, Sweden, Austria, Saxony, and colonial America. This wargame offering is feature rich, with a full scenario editor, PBEM functionality and also allowing Internet play. The AI is strong and provides a worthy opponent. A new interface and graphics- both terrain and units, round out this sequel to Dragoon.