Nadat een paar dagen geleden was aangekondigd dat Artifact Entertainment waarschijnlijk niet zal kunnen door gaan met Horizons is er vandaag toch een Q&A uitgekomen, maar helaas niets over het eventuele stil zetten van het project.Nibelung: How plausible will it be to role-play a thief/burglar? Very. We will have skills in the game that allow you to role-play as pretty much anything you like; in addition to that, the advent of 'organizations' will allow you to put together your own guild or business if you really want to. SlightlySychotic: How active will wars be? Will empires/races organize attacks upon opposing races/empires? We are hoping very active. We are going to spend quite some time on the AI for empires and 'NPC's. If you are at war with a specific race, and you encounter a border patrol while trying to enter their empire, they might attack and kill you; but they definitely won't let you pass. Little things like that will bring the world alive.