Er is een trailer verschenen van het in Nederland gemaakte spel Hooligans - The Game. In het spel bestuur je een bende hooligans met als enige doel je tegenstanders compleet in puin te slaan. Hier is een stukje van de official site: Hooligans - Storm over Europe is a real-time strategy game set in our time and deals with a modern day problem. The game revolves around units which the player controls, the Hooligans. These are the so-called 'supporters' who just love to travel and most of all love football,… right! You as a supporter and leader of the most fanatic supporting side, have your heart on the right spot and follow your team as it plays in the euroleague. It is our intention to make Hooligans a game that is a worthy RTS and at the same time make it a hilarious game, with absurd situations and behaviour, complete chaos and mayhem and gameplay that is just a little different. Playmodes include: single-player, campaign, skirmish and multi-player. De trailer is er in 2 smaken, een Mpeg (31.9MB) of Quicktime (31.2MB).

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