VoodooExtreme heeft een review van Homeworld gereleased.A lot of really crappy games have come across my desk the last month or so, and it's my pleasure to say that Homeworld wasn't one of them. Relic Entertainment's 3D-space real-time strategy game really stood out to me. Let me rephrase that. Homeworld was one of the best games to land on my desk, ever. It's got everything-- gorgeous graphics, convincing voiceovers, music by "Yes", an immersive story line, and intuitive interface. Like I said, Homeworld has everything. The documentation that comes with the game is great. The first thirty-nine pages of the thick manual covers Homeworld's in-depth story and history. The rest teaches you how to get into the game, work with the interface, what formations to use, and what units you have at your command. If that wasn't enough, Homeworld also ships with a quick reference card, providing all the necessary key strokes and mouse clicks to perform the most common moves. It's about time Lees de rest hier