Een van de toch wel teleurstellend verkochte titels van '99 krijgt een opvolger.GameSpy: What are some graphical enhancements that the Barking Dog team is bringing to HC? Chris Stewart: Large shockwave explosions, ships holographically mimicking other ships, polygonal accurate collisions, ships that project energy shielding, small repair bots and crews moving around the hull of large ships, new salvaging effects, new weapons, external ship construction, lens flares, new ship animations, including ships that link, naturally occurring slipgates, with their emission points venting glowing gasses into space, and dynamic Gouraud shading. And then there's the beast. The beast has a number of features we won't go into here.Hopelijk verkoopt Homeworld: Cataclysm een stuk beter dan zijn voorganger, want het spel is het dubbel en dwars waard!

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