Via Bleu's news kwam ik erachter dat Gamecenter een preview geschreven heeft van Homeworld: Cataclysm. Ze gaan hier met name in op de vraag of het een uitbreiding of een vervolg is op Homworld:"Cataclysm will be a full-fledged game that incorporates the Homeworld engine, several new features, and many more missions than would be found on an expansion pack," explains Chris Stewart, an equal partner at Barking Dog Studios. Sierra claims there will be 17 missions in the finished product; Homeworld featured 16. Consequently, Sierra is planning to price Cataclysm at $49.99. Barking Dog has some new concepts in store, as well as a radical departure in terms of story; the new elements should help put that price in perspective. Cataclysm takes place some 15 years after the events in Homeworld. The Kushan have settled Hiigara and set about taming their surroundings. One faction, the Somtaaw, feels marginalized and disenfranchised by the Kushans; that faction has moved to the outskirts of Hiigara and begun trading and mining. The game begins with you in possession of a large mining ship (similar to a mothership) and answering a distress call from the Kushan fleet. It seems that pirates have attacked a Kushan vessel, but the threat soon reveals itself to be something much greater. Soon, the small ragtag group of miners and tradesmen who operate the mining ships must transform their vessels into a mothership and start creating warships, all in the name of survival. From that first pirate attack onward, Cataclysm becomes a battle of choices. For every decision you make, there is a trade-off. If you beef up your shields, you are probably doing so at the expense of your weaponry.