Via Voodoo Extreme kwam ik erachter dat GA-Strategy een interview gehouden heeft met een developer van Cataclysm. Op de vraag wat het spel voor nieuws te bieden heeft t.o.v. het origineel wist de dev dit te zeggen:How different will Cataclysm be from Homeworld? How much of the original game is incorporated in this latest version? It's a different game, but anyone who played Homeworld will feel right at home. One of the things we want to ensure was that people who played Homeworld wouldn't find themselves playing a game that was totally unfamiliar to them. So we started with Homeworld's core game play and control scheme and then added some things to it that introduce new strategy elements, such as the fog of war, upgradeable weapons, armor and abilities for ships, a support unit system, and specialized research modules that dictate how and when your research tree grows.Door hier te klikken zullen de rest van de vragen en antwoorden ook tot jou komen.