Iedereen is het er wel mee eens dat Tribes 2 in multiplayer er goed zal zijn. Maar hoe zit het met de single-player ervaring ?. MGON had een interview met Dave Georgeson en ze vroegen hem over Tribes 2.

Singleplayer is nog steeds belangrijk. Er zijn tenslotte nog genoeg mensen die liever met zichzelf spelen.

Tribes 2 single player

Long before Unreal Tournament and Quake 3 Arena were more than a twinkle in the milk man's eye, Dynamix released the popular teamplay focused first person shooter "Starsiege Tribes". Although the game proved a hit with the hardcore online gaming community, the total lack of any single player game left it with a somewhat limited audience. Now the company is putting the finishing touches to a sequel, and along with vastly improved graphics and new weapons and vehicles, "Tribes 2" also adds single player to the

mixture. But just how much of it is there?

"You can probably play the single-player through to completion in a single sitting - [there's] not many

missions there", producer Dave Georgeson admitted in an interview with MGON. "However, you can play [with] bots for a looooong time. I'm currently having a great time playing against bots in Hunters. Of course, it lacks the reward of actually killing a person...sheesh, I'm sadistic."Het interview met MGON.