Ga-Source heeft een interview gepost met Vincent Paquet, die hoofd is van de game-testing afdeling van Ubi Soft:What does a tester do on a daily basis? A tester tests video games. A tester will concentrate on a specific part of the game such as a table or menu. Sometimes they will only test graphical elements or sound. When a tester finds a bug, he or she will fill in a sheet which will be reviewed for follow-up by the development team. The bugs are entered in a huge database and follow-up is done until the bugs are fixed. What is the general perception of what testers do? The general perception is that testers are paid to play games. This is not true. Testing requires a lot of concentration and attention. Testers must be able to make reports and therefore, express themselves clearly. They must be able to meet specific objectives. A good knowledge of computers is key. Testing positions are permanent and well-paid. Testers are not students or teenagers as most people believe. Leuk om te weten, zeker als je voor die coole baan bij Gamepoint gaat