Sommige mensen zijn aangeboren llama's, anderen moeten er echt moeite voor doen. Of je er moeite voor wil doen is de vraag. llama's worden niet echt gewaardeerd in de gamescene. Anders gezegd, ze zijn irritant. En dat is net het gene waar de llama's het om te doen is.

3dActionplanet geeft ook aan hoe je mensen maximaal kan irriteren .In the gaming community, there are many people out there who play not only to win, but to make your life miserable. Back in the day, we used to call them "llamas". The term died off long ago, but the people still remain.

8. Leaving Your Skin/Name As the Default

Another old one. Acting like a jerk or being on the top of the scoreboard always hurts others more when they know it was done by someone who doesn't even know how to put in their name. The downside, however, is that people use that mentality when they go for an easy target, thinking you're a newbie. Another variant of this is to change your skin/model and name to match that of the top person on the server. That always gets on his/her nerves, and confuses other players.

Here are the steps toward maximum annoyance:

Keep changing, no matter how many times the top guy changes.

Never say anything, no matter how much you want to.

If the game you're playing doesn't allow two people with the same name, use similar characters, such as l and 1.

Zeer humoristisch hoewel sommige dingen echt llama zijn.

Wil je graag je vrienden behouden dan is het aan te raden om deze Top 10 van llama gedrag niet toe te passen. Zo staat op 10 camping. Zeer irritant, maar wel een gerechtvaardige speelwijze of niet...