Hoe spelen we MMORPG in 2011 ? Dat is de vraag die Slownewsday in het laatste deel van hun serie over de toekomst van MMORPG's heeft gesteld. De ontwikkelaars die hun mening geven zijn onder andere Mark Jacobs en Scott Jennings (Dark Age of Camelot) en Raph Koster (Star Wars Galaxies)

De belangrijkste verschillen worden door de ontwikkelaars verwacht op het gebied van graphics en interface. De huidige manier van besturen gaat radicaal veranderen denken ze en gaat meer richting voice-control. Tevens worden spellen overal vandaan bestuurbaar, mobiele telefoons (zullen die er nog zijn in 2011 ?) PDA's en normale PC's.Op het gebied van graphics gaan we dingen zien die we ons nu nog niet voor kunnen stellen. John Smedley: I'm not one that believes "Virtual Reality" is a likely evolution of gaming. I think the technology is going to absolutely make things much more immersive, but I think it's going to be done in ways that enhance the experience rather than alter our perceptions of the world around us (i.e. I don't see those VR goggle type devices becoming super popular). Things like incredibly lifelike NPC's in these games... ones that have an incredible memory (figuratively and literally) and an ability to assimilate information from within the confines of Gamespace and "learn" from actions PC's take. This will bring stuff like the Faction system to a whole new level. Imagine a shopkeeper remembering that you stole something from him once, 2 years ago (real life) and calling the guards as soon as you get within shouting distance. This is obviously a simple example, but I think it's along the lines of what I expect to see developing. En hoe denken jullie dat we MMORPG's spelen in 2011 ?