Ik hoop lekker . Maar dat is giswerk, Gamespot ging er eens goed voorzitten en previewde de nieuwe Wolfenstein.

Alleen de gedachte al aan Wolfenstein3d ...memoriesssss Castle Wolfenstein - mention that name to gamers of a certain age and you'll be greeted with more than a wry smile. From its early beginnings on the now venerable Apple II, Wolfenstein was the title that launched the entire first-person shooter genre and in gaming terms its legacy can be traced all the way from Doom through the epic Quake series to more modern titles like Unreal Tournament and Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force.

Working your way through the bunker, you're forced to use search and destroy tactics, booting down doors with BJ Bascowit's handy size 12s. You can't just keep hurling high explosives at will, because the Nazi guards are quite intelligent and will pick them up and throw them right back at you if you don't get the timing right. However, after further bouts of carnage in the corridors, you eventually work your way up to the top level and force your way through to the room where the secret agent is being held captive.

Although Jonathan described Return as only being about 60 per cent complete, this first level amply illustrates the potential of what Grey Matter might eventually achieve. The Quake III engine is used to magnificent effect, with fantastic art and superb character modelling and it's no exaggeration to say that this is probably the most gritty, authentic and beautiful looking World War Two game you'll ever see. And that's without even considering the storyline, weapons and occult Nazi experimentation we're going to see in the final version. Return to Castle Wolfenstein? Book me a ticket right now.

Die AI is zo te lezen erg goed en ook de Wolfenstein sfeer zal aanwezig zijn.

Yep dit wordt een oude vertrouwde haal je slaapzak-uitdekast-enligvoordewinkel titel.