Voor alle Counter-Strike fans die dat niet weten goed nieuws. Hoewel het niet echt "nieuws" is. Maar de Z-Axis site van Stomped reviewde de map de_dust en schreef er een guide voor.

Dus iedereen kan de_dusten met Ravensburger eh... de guide van Z-Axis.

The map was developed by Dave, subsequent maps by the author include: DE_COBBLE

The first thing one notices about DE_DUST is the vibrant and bright coloured textures. This is always a welcome attraction for me when viewing a CS map for the first time; enemy players are much easier to target against the yellowish backgrounds and there is less cause for error when playing with friendly fire on. Where there are enclosed spaces lights have been added though the majority of the map falls under the auspices of a desert sun.

The map is medium in size by Counter-Strike standards resembling a deserted French foreign legionnaire's fort somewhere in old colonial North Africa, hence the mapper has included touches of very basic Islamic architecture, though these have not been as fully developed as in the map CS_ARABSTREETS.

The map for our purposes can easily be split into two clear opposing halves; Terrorist side (T-side) and Counter-Terrorist (CT-side), in general the CT-side tends to see more action as it is here that the bomb will need to placed in one of two zones for the terrorists to complete their mission.

As a result the Terrorists will tend to be more aggressive or offensive in their play as they look to gain entry into the CT half to plant the bomb, the

CTs respectively play a or more defensive strategy in an attempt to hold both bomb sites. The map has been developed to compliment these two different styles of play.

The majority of killing tends to occur during the early phase of a regular game at two confrontation points; one major and one minor. Hele volkstammen leven (virtueel) in deze straten geloof ik dus allemaal snel naar Z-Axis om te lezen hoe je je buurman om kan leggen