Machinima heeft vandaag het derde deel van hun artikel over het maken van movies in Ritual Entertaiment's Heavy Metal: FAKK2. Het is namelijk via het script mogelijk om in game alles te laten gebeuren zoals jij het wel en zo je eigen movies op te zetten.Heavy Metal FAKK2 is a 3D action/adventure game inspired by the 1980's Heavy Metal comics and film, and based on a variant of the Quake 3 Arena engine. The main character is a true B Movie heroine called Julie desperately fighting for the survival of her homeworld Eden, as GITH Industries moves in for a particularly hostile corporate takeover.

So that's what's going on in the game, but why would we want to create any cinematics for it? The Quake 3 Arena engine is widely accepted as one of the most powerful 3d engines currently available, but until now has been very limited in the extent to which it could be editted. With FAKK2 that situation has begun to be rectified as Ritual have developed a whole host of scripting and cinematic options for all to use. The documentation for the scripting commands is exceptionally thorough and well written, but does still require a reasonable degree of working through example scripts so we thought we'd try and make your lives a little easier by writing a series of tutorials to help you through the initial stages of learning to script cinematics. Om het geheel te lezen surf je naar Machinima.