Een moederbord install-guide, geen echt game nieuws, maar wel handig voor alle gamers die willen uitbreiden (en wie wil dat nu niet ).

Gamespy kreeg allemaal vragen hoe dat nu precies moest en besloot een guide in elkaar te draaien.

One of the more popular reader requests we have been getting is to write up some basic How-To guides for installing various computer parts. For the first in this new series we've decided to tackle the installation of a motherboard, which can be one of the more confusing portions of building a computer. Connecting each of the various sets of cables and wires,

combined with installing all of the ISA/PCI/AGP cards can be daunting for new users.

To that end, we've written a step-by-step guide detailing how to get that shiny new motherboard of yours from out of its box and up and running. We've also taken quite a few pictures along the way to make the process easier to understand.

Step One: Prepping the Case Before you get ready to drop that new motherboard into your case, you'll want to make sure it's ready to receive the board. First, have a look at where your new motherboard is going to

rest, which should be in an area as illustrated below:

Eigen huis en moederbord, helaas zonder Niko