Stuart "MrBunwah" Maine nam een reeks 3Dshooters onder handen en bekeek hoe je de ideale single player map kan maken. Het grappige is dat hij regelmatig gelijkenissen legt tussen verschillende shooters en hierop bepaalt of je die aspecten dus in je eigen level kan gebruiken.

Wanneer je deze guide aan mocht houden is het te betwijfelen of je levels er zo orgineler op worden.Single Player Vs. multi-Player.

Of course these guidelines only apply to single Player levels as, having never played a Deathmatch in my life, I am not qualified to discuss multi-Player levels (in fact I've never even heard of this Internet thing people keep talking about). However if you are looking to improve your multi-Player level my advice is simply to convert it into a single Player level. Ho ho, only kidding! Instead you should consult one of the many fine multi-Player level reviewers at this here site and I'm sure they'll be glad to help you. Either that or they'll send you an email insulting your Momma. Whichever.Een leuk artikel voor elke levelknutselaar.