GameSpy heeft een mooi artikel geschreven in samenwerking met Falko Poiker, één van Relic Entertainment's scripters voor Homeworld en de opvolger Homeworld: Catalysm, over hoe developers een mod-vriendelijke game moeten maken.A scripting language for our game had to meet certain specific requirements.

Ease of Use: The people who tend to work with scripts are designers and artists with little or no programming experience, so the scripting language should be relatively simple to use. This isn't so important for modability however, since most modders are good programmers. This requirement ruled out Perl, as it's syntax is extremely difficult to grasp for non-programmers (and even some programmers).

Speed: Games push the envelope in speed already, so a scripting language cannot be the weak link in the chain. We developers spend many hours trying to eke out performance out of our engines, so a scripting language that is slow is simply unacceptable because there's usually very little the game programmers can do to increase the performance of a slow scripting language. Most publicly available scripting languages are designed to be fast (though none are as fast as a compiled language like c++). De mod-scene lijkt tegenwoordig steeds belangrijker te gaan worden in games. Half-Life zou nu niet zo populair geweest zijn zonder de tientallen mods die ervoor uitgekomen zijn. Het hele mod verhaal is verder te lezen op deze pagina.