Misschien heb je er thuis al een liggen, maar je bent nooit te oud om te leren. Daarom schreef Eurogamer een "Home Networking Guide". Gesneden koek voor sommigen, abrcadabra voor anderen Back in the day, the idea of network gaming in your own home was utterly ridiculous - the closest I ever got was playing Doom over a serial cable at a friend's house.

Network gaming was a craze limited to buildings full of journalists, and although services like the relatively short-lived DWANGO and the rather pants TEN did their best to bring multiplayer gaming to the average Joe over the phone network, it was more of a dream than a pastime.

Playing Quake III : Arena is very easy indeed. All that's required is for you to load up the game, and

select the "Multiplayer" option from the menu. Then click on the "Create" button and select an appropriate map and the number of players you want to allow in. Set

Timelimit and Fraglimit as you normally would with Bots, and then click Fight!

The other player should be able to find you by looking you up under "Local" servers in the Multiplayer menu. You may want to deselect "Pure Server" when setting up the game - this has been known to flood clients off the server unexpectedly. Also, make sure that both machines have the correct version of the patch - Quake III is very picky about this. Of course, you can now use your new network to transfer the appropriate patch from one computer to another at the blistering rate of 10Mb/s.

Voor zover je thuis nog geen netwerkje hebt staan, maar wel 2 redelijke computers is het zeker een aanrader om te doen

Thuisnetwerken, het zelfde als thuiswerken ?