Er is een nieuwe versie van de Half-Life modification Scientist Hunt uit. In deze mod is het de bedoeling om zoveel mogelijk scientist neer te slaan.

Hieronder staat een lijstje van wat er nieuw is in Scientist Hunt.[bullet] Distribution now includes 5amsci (a Scientist Hunt conversion of Hondo's popular Action Half-Life level), Factory (an original SH level by Hondo), and scihouse (another original SH level by Hondo).

[bullet] Fixed up the bot AI a little (though it's not nearly up to speed with the latest version of the Jumbot).

[bullet] Destructable level objects (windows, TVs, etc) now respawn every round. This can be disabled in the server startup menu's advanced options.

[bullet] Added a map_default.cfg which is executed by default for every map to reset defaults if there's no CFG for a specific map.

[bullet] Added a new scientist AI realism mode, where scientists react to the environment and look for threats, as well as communicate with each other and a variety of other things. All of the AI is done from scratch and is designed to work quickly, efficiently, and in a multiplayer environment.

[bullet] The advanced options server menu has been changed to accomodate SH better.

[bullet] In realistic AI mode, you're awarded more points for murdering a scientist without letting him notice you. This is to encourage players to use stealth more, as it can be fun when your only goal is to murder scientists.

[bullet] Added a sh_clprint cvar so the server can toggle client messages on and off.

Klik hier om de nieuwe Scientist Hunt te downloaden