Bij planethalflife is te lezen dat Russian Front 1.0 uit is. Deze Mod wordt ook op E3 getoond naast CS en Action HL.The Russian Front traces the conflict between Germany and Russia during World War Two. The conflict between the two nation lasted four long years claiming millions of lives. In 1945, the advance of the Allied armies in the West and the encirclement of Berlin by the Russians, forced Adolf Hitler (the Nazi leader) to suicide. The war in Europe was over. This Half Life mod uses Half Life's engine and flexiblity to recreate some of the events that occured between the German invasion of Russian and the fall of the Third Reich. You as a player will enter the game as either German or Russian, will be able to select a class of troop to play as, and battle it out for supremacy on the battlefield. This mod will emphasise the use of planning and team work. We will be making it almost imposible for a player to charge blindly at an enemy fortification, guns blazing, taking hits everywhere. Doing this will spell instant death. The players body is divided up into hit areas, ie. take one hit to the head, your stone dead! take a hit to the leg, you immobilised, chest hits spell a slow death unless you can get to a medic in time, oh, and there is no ammunition lying casually around the battle fields, only in the barracks at the extreem ends of each level.Download hem hier [30.5 MB].