Er is een nieuwe versie van de Half-Life mod FireArms uit. In deze versie zijn nieuwe maps toegevoegd en wat foutjes herstelt.

Ook is de releasedate van de Counterstrike 6.5 bekendgemaakt. De update zal over een week uitkomen en op de site van CS is ook een nieuwe screen te bewonderen.Here is a list of things that were addressed in the new FireArms version:

[bullet] CTI mess up in EvaluateGameEnd: Possibly fixed. This problem is hard to pinpoint without lots of users.

[bullet] Fixed Telefragging. The still may be an occurance of telefragging but only if a unoccupied spawn point cannot be found after 5 tries.

[bullet] Optimized maps - cti_mideast, tp_soviet.

[bullet] New Maps - ps_street, ps_outlands, tp_depot

[bullet] No armor loss when taking friendly fire. Except with explosives. This will be fixed in next version.

[bullet] Twitching DE no longer Twitches =).

[bullet] New sounds

[bullet] Benelli anim bug when using flashlight

[bullet] Reinforcements max out at 256

[bullet] Player ID added. Player name now appears below the crosshair.

[bullet] Map Briefings (also added console command "briefing").

[bullet] Added menu option when you first join game to display the map briefing.

[bullet] No lastweapon with CTI item PSG tweak. Increase ROF (Rate of Fire).

[bullet] TK tweak. Decreased to factor 2

[bullet] M4 only semi and burst now.

[bullet] AK-47 Bayonet speed increase and damage increase.

[bullet] No breaking team mates legs. Except with explosives. This will be fixed in next version.

[bullet] "Llama" prevention. Blocking doors. Added round hit anti-velocity.

[bullet] Added TK boot if no enemy in certain radius. May need further adjustment.

[bullet] Frag granade power throw tweak. Experimental tweak. If its liked, we can make the other grenades like this too.

[bullet] Sand / Sand bags stop penetration. Still needs minor adjustment.

[bullet] Added intial rank system. Skills to be added in a later version.

[bullet] Redid radio system to work more like a radio.

CounterStrike: Je kan de Windows versie van de FireArms 1.2 hier downloaden. Je kan de Linux versie van de FireArms 1.2 hier downloaden. Klik hier om de FireArms website te bezoeken en hier om de Counter-Strike website te bezoeken.