Matrix Mod voor Halflife is uit! Het heeft even geduurd, maar nu is hij er eindelijk!If I knew that what I wanted to present the public with, was what I have now, I would have been ready to release this a very, very long time ago. However, this mod has come to you starting from the worst design document strategy and guidance I hope to ever see. The subject of the Matrix is so general and so vast, even from the first movie, that 20 different teams could make a Matrix mod, and each one of them could be unique. This particular team alone has had designs for at least 10 different Matrix mods. Pretty suddenly, I became the guy on top, of the team and of the fate of the mod. And for about a month I have been trying to figure out what I wanted to make and what was possible in the time I alloted for myself. What has come out of all of this is not my ideal, but I imagine that it hardly ever is with a first release. It is a simple mod that I hope you will find very enjoyable. I will follow this first release, attempt to fix its bugs, bend to the public's likes and dislikes, and try to add new content if I can. At the same time, I will be looking for someone to take my place, not as a leader, but as a programmer. Any programmer that already knows the HL SDK and wants to advance MHL, please contact me at poop@planethalflife. If you are a competent C++ programmer that wants to take on the task, feel free to contact me as well. I'm going to take my stubborn, hard head on to projects that present themselves as well as personal projects and upon my leave, give MHL back to Techno Kill, who gave me my job on the team. I hope that I leave the project in better direction than what it started out with and I hope that there is still interest in the project after you all try out what I release. As my planned release date got closer and closer, many ideas started flooding my head and I added almost all of them in, without notifying anyone else on the team. So, if this first release flops hard, you can all rest easy knowing that I will be out of the picture; however, if it does do well, then know that Techno Kill will only let it get better. (Speaking of which, if it really stinks, you all better let me know before I throw a second release out there). But this isn't the last of my updates I don't think. I hope that I get to bore you all again for the second release.Download hem Matrix Mod for HL en het Map Pack.