Wie speelt er nog HL ? Waarschijnlijk nog aardig veel mensen, toen ik op drome was werd er gigantisch veel HL-CS gespeeld. Hoe kan het dat een spel dat al 2 jaar oud is toch nog word gespeeld.

En wat houd dit in voor de makers van games. Het blijkt dat PC mensen minder snel een game kopen dan Console mensen omdat console games een veel kortere levensduur hebben. Goed voor de console games verkopers, maar hoe zit het met de pc kant?

Daily radar maakte een verhaaltje How is it hurting the market? Let's make the assumption that game players only have a certain amount of time each day to play games, 10 hours for the hardcore and just an hour or two for the casual player. Now if they are loyal to one game, say Half-Life, the predominant amount of time they have to play games is taken up by the same game for months and months. During that time, they aren't buying other games -- why would they? They've got connection to a community, they are enjoying themselves there and no longer need further entertainment. The result is a market that is being sliced up into smaller and smaller pies, with loyal fans dedicated to a few specific games. For a short term this wouldn't be that bad, but games like Tribes and Half-Life have lifespans reaching two years or more. The result is a market that isn't purchasing as many games per player as the console players. Console games generally have a much shorter lifespan, due in part to rapid sequels, the lack of community on multiplayer and the limitations of the systems. So while the technology of consoles continues to get closer to the that of the PC, their market continues to grow,and ours continues to get sliced up into smaller pieces. The longterm pressure could be disastrous as the market gets smaller and smaller. What can be done? This problem has no viable solution, unfortunately, because it's too beneficial to everyone that partakes. Valve believes in its mod community, and I've discussed this very topic with Valve at different times. It feels, rightfully, that when a better game comes along, it'll be bumped off the top. Why shouldn't it be the most popular if it is the best? Valve is right that the strong should dominate. The concern, of course, is for the bigger picture; if Valve or any group of developers grabs the majority of players longterm, the rest of the market uffers. Hey, it's definitely a free market, and if you can't compete, you die, but a market so small that little guys don't even have a chance kills off one of the things that made this industry great. HL de eeuwige pc game ?