Gamasutra heeft een feature geschreven over de nieuwe netwerk code van Team Fortress 2 en Half-Life (PowerPlay). Het is een vrij technisch stukje, dus vooral voor wakkere mensen. In deze feature wordt de code wel helemaal blootgelegd en wordt er precies uitgelegd hoe het werkt.This discussion will give you not only a sense of the many different backend services you should consider, but will also provide you with information about how some of these systems can be designed. Although much of the discussion is focused on a few specific kinds of backend services, the examples are relevant for any backend services you might need to deploy. The main focus for this articlewill be on network messaging that is not directly related to the in-game flow of messages, though some design issues applicable to in-game flows will be covered. At the end, there will be a brief discussion of the PowerPlay industry initiative. PowerPlay is particularly relevant since it addresses Internet infrastructure problems and deployment problems that effect the ability of the Internet to handle both in-game and backend server traffic.Bedankt VAK voor de tip.