Vannacht is de langverwachte CS 1.0 dan eindelijk (en onverwachts) gereleased. Ook zal Counter-Strike nu binnenkort in de winkels liggen. Dus iedereen die Counter-Strike nog niet heeft (schaam je) heeft nu toch nog de kans om de wereld die Counter-Strike heet binnen te treden (veel slapeloze nachten achter je computer doorbrengen)We're very happy to announce that V1.0 of Counter-Strike is now out! This is the release we've been looking forward to making for over a year now. Head over to the downloads page to grab your copy. There is a 23 meg 7.1 > V1.0 upgrade patch (cs7110.exe) as well as an 82 meg full V1.0 install (cs10.exe). Here's what's new:


- added three new weapons:

(H&K UMP .45, FN Five-Seven, & SIG SG-550)

- redone player models

- incorporated Valve's model blending technology

- left beta stages

PR manager van Valve Doug Lombardi had ook nog wat te zeggen:Since it's initial beta release in fall 1999, Counter-Strike has become the number one played online action game-surpassing all commercial and noncommercial titles in its class. Counter-Strike 1.0 will be released later tonight to all existing Counter-Strike and Half-Life players. CS 1.0 contains new weapons, a number of gameplay fixes, as well as enhanced maps, models and animation. Counter-Strike 1.0 will be available from a variety of gaming sites in two varieties: As an update for existing CS players and as a full Mod for existing Half-Life owners.

Meanwhile, the stand-alone Half-Life: Counter-Strike and Half-Life Platinum retail products are heading to retail outlets everywhere.

Natuurlijk had Cliffe zelf ook nog wat te melden: Half-Life: Counter-Strike has gone gold and should be showing up at your local software store in the next few days. Keep in mind that Counter-Strike will still be a free download available right here at along with our usual mod dev. updates.

We'd really like to thank all the fans and players of Counter-Strike that have made it so much fun to make and play. Also special thanks to Valve Software who have been great to work with on this project. Thanks also to Kendokan, Erik Johnson, Malhavoc, Bigfoot, Redm, Frank Nuccio, & b@x.Badeend, $pock, Darklance en VTec bedankt voor de tip. De verschillende mirrors zijn hier te vinden