De Half-Life TC Chemical Existence is eindelijk klaar. Deze TC (Total Conversion) voor Half-Life beloofd weer veel single-player plezier met een indrukwekkend verhaal, mooie levels en nieuwe wapens.Story

Chemical Existence puts you in the role of Reece Max whom simply is in the wrong place at the wrong time. He gets mixed up with fighting gangs, evil corporations and mutated creatures...


Chemical Existence will feature many different styles and environments. Fight your way through cruel ghettos, get through china town and fight off gangs in the deadly sewers beneath the city. Cross the river by boat, the woods by jeep and find your way to the mysterious chemical plant where strange mutated creatures roam free...

There will be 14 unique and detailed levels in the final version.


The weapons will be both familiar "classics" (implented in new and unique ways though) like our Sniper rifle and pistol, and totally new inventions like the "Lump of wood" and the Assault cannon. The weapons will not be 110% "realistic" (so many other TCs/mods are doing this already), all the weapons will instead be implented to be useful, and in front of all. Fun to use!

Chemical Existence weegt zo'n 69 Mb en is te vinden bij Red Genesis.