Bij The Adrenaline Vault hebben ze een preview gepost van het nieuwe spel "Hitman", samen met 6 nieuwe screenshots.As original as the concept of stepping into the bloodstained shoes of a virtual contract killer may be, it could prove to be an empty promise to the gaming world if not provided enough depth and detail. Fortunately, this would not appear to be a problem as the Hitman will be given the opportunity to flex his considerable extermination skills over the course of approximately 26 missions in the streets and buildings of five major world cities. The fact that gameplay is mission-based, however, shouldn't automatically lead one to assume that it is a strictly run-"n"-gun affair. While he can barge into the mark's hideout, guns blazing, the Hitman would indeed find it far more profitable and considerably less difficult if sophisticated and meticulous planning was done beforehand. Lees de rest hier