Jullie hebben mijn first look over Hitman: Codename 47 uiteraard al gelezen, evenals het bijbehorende interview, maar GamePro dacht dat die van mij nog niet genoeg was en heeft er daarom zelf ook één geschreven.In the tradition of Thief and Metal Gear Solid comes Hitman: Codename 47, a third-person shooter that emphasizes stealth and cunning over gun-blazing mayhem. As the enigmatically named title character, Codename 47, you will be assigned the task of taking out various bad guys, like terrorists and crooked politicians. And while you could march right in with your guns drawn and shoot everyone in sight, you'll want to be more tactful than that because the quieter and cleaner the job, the more money you get paid. And more money means you'll be able to buy better weapons, like high-powered pistols and sniper rifles. You can expect Hitman: Codename 47 to sneak into stores later this year. [break]GA-Source heeft daarbij ook nog een aantal nieuwe screenshots en wat info:[/break] Hitman is a new third-person action adventure that combines a strong mix of stealth, strategy and shooting. Set within intricately detailed 3D environments, the player takes control of a Hitman, who has to carry out hits on a number of high- powered adversaries. initially the Hitman thinks he is carrying out orders for his usual underground agency. But in fact a scientist is using him to cover up the tracks of a revolutionary genetic experiment of which the Hitman himself is a prototype. As the game progresses, the player pieces the Hitman's past together and realises that he is the next target.