Gisteren kwam de demo uit van het lang verwachte Hitman. Maar wat staat ons toekomstige huurmoordenaars nog meer te wachten ?. Actiontrip zocht het uit.

Kan je dadelijk Leon op de computer naspelen After the fabulous Deus Ex, Eidos Interactive plans to

release a new game in this demanding, yet highly

immersive sub-genre. The company has definitely

cemented its place in the market by distributing

games, in which the player can really "merge" with the

hero: Thief, System Shock, Deus Ex, and now the

eagerly anticipated Hitman...

Hitman: Code 47 will use a whole new in-house designed

engine by IO Interactive, called Glacier. The robust 3D

code should bring to life all the tantalizing (and much

expected) novelties like: advanced dynamics, geometry

deformations, cluster collision, and a totally smooth

interaction with the in-game objects. Some old effects

are featured as well, like clothes or hair deformation

(well, not on our hero…). Instead of controlling character geometry, the engine will control their wire frame, or the skeleton, while the 3D textures will be up to 1MB in size. I can report with great pleasure that the engine supports special effects such as exit wounds, reflection off the shells as they fly out of the weapon, or shells lying around characters' feet. The expected maximum resolution is 1024x768 in 32-bit color. Of course, EAX, MSDS 3D and A3D sound effects are supported to help the player immerse in the game.

The ingenious story of heart stopping action and brand new engine is a very good promise. Idea that the world of contract hits rewards a quick intellect more than a quick trigger finger is to be praised, since makes action games be ever more RPG bent, just like Deus Ex … Het water loopt al in m'n mond. Nog even en dan is ie er. Alleen omstreeks die tijd komt ook Return to Castle Wolfenstein uit.