3D Action Planet heeft drie previews gevonden. De titels die gepreviewed zijn hebben de namen:

Hired Team:

Checkout games was de gelukkige bij deze game van Rusische afkomst. Hired Team wordt een mix van Tactical shooter (a la SWAT 3/Rainbow 6) en de actie FPS (a la Q3 en UT). Het is eigenlijk een soort Quake 3 single player versie die iets meer denkvermogen verreist.The gameplay is a mix of Rainbow Six-style strategy and Quake III: Arena action. There will be a wide variety of missions, ranging from a simple search and destroy to a more complex infiltration task that will require intelligent planning and execution. The demo has only two playable levels, a deathmatch against two bots and a multiplayer arena through Quake-like halls of some mysterious castle. In general it feels like you're playing a Quake demo: lots of running around looking for more powerful weapons, all the while watching your back for an ambush. Some of the other levels that will be found in the final are mountain areas, laboratories, seaports and refineries. The final version will have three campaigns of four missions each, with a unique environment for each one. [break]Dan hebben we nummertje twee, Freedom: Full Resistance. Happy Puppy was de gelukkige om een alpha versie te ontvangen van Redstorm's nieuwe game. Het wordt een action/adventure game. De previewer verwacht er veel van hoewel er in zijn alpha versie nog aardig wat zwakke punten zaten die waarschijnlijk nog wel gefixed worden.[/break] The alpha I received shows a lot of promise. If there is a wounded guard that can be searched, he flashes in blue. In fact, all usable items and puzzles flash in blue, so you don't have to worry about not being in the right spot or not clicking the exact pixel you need to. If it doesn't flash, it's not usable, period. The combat system needs some tweaking, though. The move your character performs is determined by the weapon he or she has, as well as by the distance away from the enemy and how long the attack button is held. Angel supposedly has a killer roundhouse kick, but even the game's designer couldn't get her to perform that move. He did assure me, however, that there will be an attack gauge in the final product that shows exactly what move your character will perform. [break]Daily Radar heeft No One Lives Forever mogen previewen. NOLF komt van Monolith en is een actie game. Veel gekwijl in deze preview![/break] NOLF is the first game to use version 2.5 of the LithTech 3D Operating System. The list of new or improved features for the game is truly impressive. There is an advanced AI sensory system that allows enemy NPCs to react to 11 different environmental variables, everything from footprints in the snow to flashlights. Perhaps even more impressive, the AI will work together to defeat the player. So if Cate is spotted, the enemies may gather reinforcements before fanning out into a systematic search.