Hidden & Dangerous was een goede en populaire game, reden genoeg dus om deze game uit de kast te trekken en helemaal op te poetsen. H&D: Deluxe komt dan ook met verbeterde graphics, opgeschoont codewerk en wat nieuwe features. Homelan babbelde wat Lonely Cat Games programmeur Michal Bacik en daaruit rolde een interessant interview.HomeLAN - What specifically did you guys do to update the title? Michal Bacik - We used original graphics and put it into new engine with support of hardware-accelerated vertex processing (GF3, Radeon 8500, etc). Plus new effects were introduced, like real-time shadows, lightmapping, bumpmaps, envmapping, singlemesh characters, etc. The core of the game left the same, because we didn't want to create a new game (also we didn't have schedule and resources for this), but most parts of game - AI, network, etc, was tuned up, considering feedback from more testing groups. Player may expect all 23 original missions plus 9 datadisk missions in the game. Plus possibility to play with graphics contents or create own missions with included editor. This will also allow players put really good add-ons onto the internet for download to other players, and possibly play such add-ons on net. Single add-on allows one to six missions, which appear as one campaign.

Of het allemaal de moeite waard is geweest kunnen we binnekort zelf uitproberen want over ongeveer 2 weken moet de game in de schappen liggen.