Over niet al te lange tijd zal Hidden & Dangerous 2 in de winkels liggen, maar dat weerhield de jongens van Z-Axis er niet van om eens wat H&D Co-op ervaringen met ons te delen. De Co-op ervaring kan soms erg frustrerend zijn, vooral als je partner met een truck over je heen rijd, maar verder is het een en al plezier Part 4: The gameplay: The interesting thing about co-op H&D is just how accurately it captures the futility and horror of war, because the tiniest of mistakes or even sheer bad luck will instantly kill you. Because of this the game has to be approached as a military operation with lots of planning, many practice runs and everyone moving very slowly and carefully. Personally I'm not hugely enamoured with this because I play games to have fun and H&D can all be too much like hard work. I'm not saying realistic games are bad by any means (SWAT3 is great and infinitely more 'realistic' than H&D), rather I'm complaining about H&Ds nasty habit of applying realism in some areas but not in others. Suspiciously the realism seems to be missing in any area that would actually make the game easier or more enjoyable to play. Some examples: Hidden & Dangerous kan je tegenwoordig voor 9,95 uit de betere budgetbak vissen. Om te lezen hoe het spel Co-op is verwijs ik je door naar Z-Axis.