Bas Brakenhoff mailde me een link naar een onofficiele Hidden & Dangerous 2 site. Als fanatiek speler van het orgineel moest dit natuurlijk even grondig door mij worden bekeken.

Deze site heeft net een facelift ondergaan en een aantal zeer aardige screenies gepost. Zeker de moeite waard van het bekijken.You may have noticed the mention of Illusions official H&D2 site in the news section last week, for some reason the site is still offline. Despite its brief appearance a lucky few were fortunate to have a sneak peek at the 11 screenshots in the gallery, they are the most detailed in-game shots released so far. Most of them have already been featured in the PCGamer developer diary although only as small images, the new screenshots show in much more detail the quality of the interior and exterior locations.

Some of the images seem to be of the interior of a submarine, (a sub based mission is high on most H&D fans most wanted list) one shows what appears to be a torpedo room the other is similar to the shot already posted in the screenshots section. The best of the bunch is probably the superbly modelled battleship, whether this is the base for a mission (as in the highly atmospheric 5th campaign in the original) or a backdrop is not clear. The exteriors are mostly wooded areas, there is no hint of the elusive North Africa campaign (if you haven't already voted for your most wanted H&D2 location please take some time and vote in the forum). The shots of buildings including the ruins are very detailed, a view of what appears to be a factory complex shows just how good the lighting and shadow effects are, something which promises to be a real feature in the game.

Als deze game net zo orgineel is, als dat deel 1 indertijd was, dan maak ik me in ieder geval geen zorgen.