"Begrepen", "Bestemming bereikt", denk hierbij een TelSell achtige stem en de meeste gamers hebben kippenvel op elke plek van hun lichaam. Dat vertalen niet best is wisten de meesten al. 3dActionplanet komt met het laatste bewijs Another thing to consider is slang -- it's not only very difficult to localize, but also difficult to translate at all. A slang phrase could be "git outta da car, man." You can translate it as if it was a normal phrase, or move it to a local dialect. But however you try, the original slang is lost in the translation.

Word games are one more thing that must be

localized somehow. It's obvious to me that if a door's ajar, I can pick it up and put something in it(an actual game puzzle). Unfortunately, there's not even a single word for "ajar" in Italian, and it certainly doesn't sound like "a jar". This means that the whole puzzle wouldn't make the remotest kind of sense in my language. And that's true for just about any word puzzle, from crosswords to anagrams to rebuses.Ik zat naar mijn cdrekje te kijken en als je alle titels in het Nederlands vertaald word je ook niet echt vrolijker